How to use books to learn a new language?

Do you know how many people are straggling to learn English all over the world?

About 1.2 million people are trying to improve their english every day. Most of them learn english as their second language. For them, learning english is important to go to abroad for higher study, to get a good job, to make an effective business communication and so on.

Learning english is fun! When you express your desire to learn english through reading your favourite books, it will be  more fun. It will give you new hope. I would like to provide the following tips that can help you to learn english when you start  to read books: 

Read Dual Language Books
When you start reading books of foreign language, you don’t clearly understand the concept of the book. Some times, you understand only the surface meaning that is not enough. So if you choose  a book that is written in two language- both of your own language and foreign or use a book with paraphrase, it will help you to catch the meaning easily. You will find many famous english books that are translated into your language. You have to buy not only the translation but also the core or main book. Read it page by page and try to understand the whole concept. While reading, you can  use color pens and write down your comment on the book.

Children’s Story Books
Children’s story books are written in simple words and phrase that a child can easily read and understand .This kind of books have well known stories and it takes less time to read. In addition, Children’s story books don’t frustrate you, it always make you happy, make you feel better and give you inspiration. 

Comic or Cartoon Books
Comic or cartoon books will be a good choice at the elementary stage of learning new language. There are a lot of pictures with humour and short conversation that is fun. It is written to illustrate a picture in a very different way. So, you can collect some of them  and start learning with joy.            

Daily Newspaper
Some news that are popular and well discussed, become viral on internet everyday. It is also highlighted on daily newspaper and take your attention too. You can select one, read it twice and try to translate it in the foreign language. Or, you can choose a writing of foreign language and translate it in your own language. Thus, newspaper is a great source of new and updated  words, phrases, and idioms etc. It will improve your vocabularies that are used frequently

Using notebook
Using a notebook is an excellent and effective idea to learn anything in short and timely. When you find  new unknown words, you can write in it. You can also draw picture with the words that will give a visible meaning and help you to remember later. Moreover, it is important to revise your notebook regularly.       
In conclusion, Books are a source of light which enlighten you, your mind and your soul. It explores the wealth of your unknown Kingdom, kingdom of wisdom and  heaven within the world. First time, when you learned to read something, it was a great adventure of joy, hope and love. You would start to explore your hidden power till then and you hold it up still now.

Md. Al Mamun