How to Write better?

Write is the mostly used word all over the world. People think that writing is the job of writers. They don’t consider themselves as a writer although they all write something every time, every day, every moment. They write about their feelings, choices, thoughts etc.

Why you write:

Now first question is why you write? The answer is simple. You write because you have something to say to the world, have a great idea to share, sometimes need money etc. Another real but funny answer is, you write because you have no work to do. This statement is proven in Virginia Woolf’s quote, “Writing is like sex. First you do it for love, then you do it for your friend, and then you do it for money.”

What you write:

Now, you know that you have to write for your future. But where is your lady with whom you want to marry? You say, she stays on your brain. So, it is time to take off her outside and draw a sketch with paper and pen. If you can fully illustrate your lady on white paper, you can take a break and do dance with hot rock music. Because you have an issue or topic that is most important for writers. People straggle a lot to find out their writing topics at elementary stage. So, ask the following questions before you start writing:

What is going on your brain?

Do you have any amazing idea?

Can you illustrate a big picture?

What happened outside?

Do you have any sweet or worst memories?

Keeping your eye on media

Seeking back your past etc.

I would like to advise you to start your journey with well-known topics.

How to write:

Long story short, you have a topic that is your weapon. Imagine you are taking part in a horrible battlefield and you have powerful weapon on your hand. Now, it’s time to shoot your enemy. No one will tell you how and when to shoot. But, if you fail to shoot properly, you will lose the game and also lose your life. You have to select one either win or lost.

Writing is not only an art but also a process. This process depends on you. There is no perfect rule for writing. Every writer creates his or her own unique style and rules. Because they love to swim freely in the heaven of freedom, there is no external interference there. So, it’s your freedom to create a new way of writing and enjoy your life.

If you will fail to create any style, then you may follow any draft style. Here, I provide you a common draft but remember that it’s not perfect for you. You will create your own style.

Step by step writing guidelines:

1. Choose a topic. If, you have none, find one at first. Suppose, you want to write about ‘Friendship Day Gift Idea for Upcoming Friendship Day’.

2. Then take a piece of paper and write the topic at the middle of the paper. You may do underline that help to focus your topic.

3. 3rd part is brainstorming. These brainstorming activities may seem unnecessary at first and it will take a few minutes. Then you realize the power of it. Brainstorming activists can not only help you start writing quickly but also save your time in the later step.

For example, after brainstorm you pointed out that you may gift your friend the following things:

Friendship day gift cards, photo calendar, flowers, indoor plants, books, t-shirt, backpack and wristband etc.

4. Now, you realize that you need to find out some data, quote or example that are closely related to your topic. For example, you want to start your writing with a quote. So you will collect the following quote:

 “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”

                                                               ———- Walter Winchell.

And you will also collect some pictures, information, example for that is essential to support your point.

5. Here is a draft outline given below:

6. Now, you may start writing.  Remember, it is your first writing, don’t focus on spelling, grammar, sentence structure and punctuation marks etc. Just start writing and continue the process until you will draw the full picture of your thinking object.

7. After completing your first draft, take a long break at least minimum 24 hours. Play music, dance, visit your friend etc. You can do everything as you like. It will help you to feel better and give you pleasure.

8. Next day, when your break will be over, you will come back. Be sure that you must come back to your chair. Because your writing has not finished yet and you have to do the real work now. That is editing and rewriting.

Rewriting is the most important part of the writing. You may not believe but it is true that writer rewrite her writing all the time. It improves the language, tone, voice of the story. As John Irving stated,

“More than a half, maybe as much as two-thirds of my life as a writer is rewriting. I wouldn’t say I have a talent that’s special. It strikes me that I have an unusual kind of stamina.”

While rewriting, check word by word spelling, correct grammatical mistakes, change sentence structure, keep an eye on tone, voice and punctuation marks etc.

9. Then pick up a smart title or heading for your writing. I would like to write tittle later because it helps me to find out more attractive one that is really ensure your writing full concept.

Would you think when you read any content what do you do first?

You read the tittle or heading first. People who read your writing do the same things. They read the tittle first, if they feel the topic is interesting then they will read the whole writing. Otherwise, they will skip it and find another.

Selecting smart and eye-catching title is hard. You need to spend more time to find out your more efficient tittle. If you not sure to select any better tittle or heading, you may ask your friend and request him to suggest some tittle for your writing. For example, for you selecting topic, you title may be like this:

Amazing Gifts to Give Your Best Friend for Upcoming Friendship Day

Friendship Day: Make a Plan for Celebration

7 Awesome Gifts Idea for Friendship Day

How to Get (A) Fabulous FRIENDSHIP DAY GIFT on a Tight Budget, etc.

Remember a small point to write a tittle, don’t use capital letter for the first later of the article, determinant and preposition etc.

10. Now, It is time to publish your first writing on website. But before doing that submit the writing to your friends to read and take their suggestions about which part you should need to develop. It improves your writing.

That’s all about writing tips and tricks today. Enjoy your writing….

Md. Al Mamun