Webinar on “Accessible Online Library & EBangla Online Library”

The book is the best friend of human beings and the best director too. Every stage of our life we need to read books. in our student life, it is a must and foremost duty to read books to acquire proper knowledge. Unfortunately, sometimes it is quite difficult for persons with disabilities to read essential books because there is a limited number of books are an inaccessible format for persons with disabilities like Braille books, large printed books
So persons with disabilities cannot fulfill their demand for reading books,
In this era of ICT, accessible ebooks can be a great solution for persons with disabilities to fulfill their demand for reading books.
In this circumstance, we are going to arrange a webinar on accessible online libraries for persons with disabilities to inform you about accessible online libraries to solve your problem of book reading.
through the accessible online library, you can read books from anywhere of the world with your smartphone or laptop or electronic devices on your own format like ebook, audiobook Unicode format and many more
Accessible Books are those types of books that have been “recreated” through the use of scanning and recording to enable the non-reader to access them via technology. … These books are created using software applications with graphics and speech capabilities that enable switch and adapted access methods.
Accessible online libraries are that type of libraries which hold the books that are accessible for the persons with disabilities they can read a book from there with their accessible format and accessible Technology
E Bangla online library is a good example in this category.
E Bangla library also a great storehouse of Bengali books that are accessible for persons with disabilities in our webinar, we will use E Bangla library as an example of an accessible online library.

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Registration Deadline: 10:00 pm 12th August 2020
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